Thermal printing

The role of Thermal Printing in the process of Ballot Casting and Ballot Verification

According to the site, the November 2018 elections continued to see a mixture of voting technologies across the United States that ranged from mail-in only ballot casting in some States, to highly automated solutions, for instance more than a State, today has DRE and VVPAT in almost all of its voting districts. While States and the Federal Government, and even the courts, set the guidelines and the standards that drive the way in which the voting process guarantees a fair outcome, there are a number of factors that continue to influence how solutions for capturing votes have been developed, are being developed and will change.

KFI announces New Addition to its NAUT Printer Family

Today KFI announced the upcoming availability of the NAUT Label Printer, enabling early adopters (KFI customers already using NAUT printers) to request prototypes for their evaluation. Many companies see the benefit of integrating a front-loading label printer into their own applications, rather than bundling a specialized external desktop label printer.

KFI custom printer versus standard thermal printer

Custom printers vs Standard: The Debate of Complexity, Cost and Quality

Eric Leclair, co-founder and President of a rubber manufacturer that serves several verticles including the Medical industry, wrote an article a while back called Custom parts vs. standard parts-demystifying the debate.
In this article Eric weighs the pros and cons of using standard parts in new product designs, versus the apparently higher cost and risk of more desirable outcomes that customized components can bring to innovative applications. He states that many firms force “standardization” on their designers and engineers because they believe that this drives down costs, both upfront design product design costs and during the entire life cycle of the product: inventories can be managed better, multiple suppliers can be engaged and technical support and customer service is facilitated.