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When a Technology Company in the Gaming Industry approached KFI for a Kiosk Printer….

Orlando, 12th November 2018 and the IAAPA Trade Show opens its doors. In the Gaming industry this International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions institute EXPO is the place to check out the latest entertainment offerings for the Amusement and Theme Park, Casinos and Resorts industries.

Among the many companies exhibiting this year, one of the industry leaders was showing its latest floor models including a ticket eater for the amusement arcades. The manufacturer produces ticket eaters that are reputed to be the industry’s most reliable.

For the show, this company created a version that put the inside workings of the kiosk on view to the public. KFI SKP212 thermal kiosk printers could clearly be seen, chugging out receipts as the model was demonstrated.

Simon Eastwood, KFI’s BDM for the U.S., commented after the show:

“2018 was the year we really started to publicize the KFI brand in the United States, creating greater visibility on the web and driving up awareness of KFI’s quality printers through specialized industry forums and interest groups. So naturally, it was a great satisfaction that the engineers at a top company in gaming contacted us. KFI’s 2-inch Kiosk Printer price and performance got their attention. And here we are, just a few months later, witnessing a great response to their new ticket eater.”

In fact, when the manufacturer first approached KFI in the U.S. they were clear on their objectives: get the SKP printer into a machine that would be demo-ed at the November EXPO. It was going to be tight. To assist them in their aggressive schedule, KFI would need to assure the absolute minimum turnaround time on samples and technical questions. So KFI assigned a senior mechanical engineer to be primary point of contact for the integration. And this would be key to seamlessly supporting integration and testing.

What came to pass was a tight collaboration between the engineers in the U.S. and those in Milan, Italy. At KFI we pride ourselves on being nimble and able to provide custom and semi-custom projects for small and medium sized equipment manufacturers that are used to the one-size-fits-all mentality of the major printer manufacturers. KFI’s software team was able to offer firmware personalizations to facilitate communications with eater’s system board. The changes were tested and delivered in a matter of days to help the team meet its challenging schedule.

KFI’s new customer declared itself very enthusiastic about the product and congratulated the KFI team for the support received during Product Qualification and for the attention with which it was assisted throughout the process.

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