Thermal printer module with rear paper door lever

The NAUT BL is a Thermal Printer Engine Module with an integrated controller board and cutter, using RS232 and USB communication ports. It consists of a highly reliable printer mechanism mounted on a plastic frame with an easy-open paper roll housing.

While this thermal printer module has the same quick loading paper mechanism with the see-through cover as the other NAUT models it differs in two significant ways. Firstly, the door lock mechanism is tamper-proof – it can only be accessed from the back of the printer module. This limits activation to the inside of the machine where the printer is mounted. Consequently, only authorized maintenance staff, that are able to access the inside of the machine, can do so. Secondly, the LED and command buttons are not visible through the front of the printer, allowing them to be cabled to a convenient place inside the machine.

Customers have found the NAUT BL particularly suited for Slim and Ultra-Slim Kiosks for in-store use.

The BL option is available in both 2” and 3” NAUT versions.


  • extremely quick front loading
  • loading lever on back of module
  • compact size
  • variable speed and quality of printing
  • incorporated paper-cutter
  • anti-jamming
  • end of paper detection
  • logo and barcode printing (39, 128, QR codes)
  • 4 scalable resident fonts
  • quick, simple updates
  • certified to FCC/CE class B, UL, RoHS standards
wdt_ID Naut 224C BLNaut 324C-63 BLNaut 324C-83 BL
1 Loading Front-loading Front-loading Front-loading
2 Paper width 58 mm 80 mm 80 mm
3 Paper roll outside diameter 63 mm 63 mm 83 mm
4 Max printing width 54 mm 72 mm 72 mm
5 Printing resolution 203 DPI 203 DPI 203 DPI
6 Printing speed 120 mm/sec 120 mm/sec 120 mm/sec
7 Cut modes Full & partial Full & partial Full & partial
8 Cut Frequency 20 cuts/minute Max 20 cuts/minute Max 20 cuts/minute Max
9 Dimensions (l x h x p) 107,4 x 121 x 82,2 mm 127,4 x 120 x 81,7 mm 128,4 x 147,7 x 96,3 mm
10 Weight without paper roll 250 g 310 g 370 g

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