Printer Mechanism Evaluation Kit

The KFI Evaluation Kit consists of a single 2” or 3” printer with featuring a high quality thermal printer mechanism, control board and firmware. The Kit includes technical documentation, drivers for Windows and Linux, USB and power cables and a roll of thermal paper.

Each evaluation kit is prepared individually based on the type of application you think you’ll need the printer for:

  • Choose the right standard production printer for your attended or unattended applications.  Call and we can make that determination together.
  • If you are considering a full custom printer module or peripheral, the NAUT evaluation kit provides all you need to start the development of your application.
  • If you are currently incorporating a thermal printer mechanism into a device where space is at a premium, talk to our design team, we can help!


Once you get your sample printer up and running, we will provide all the support you need to help your engineers develop the optimal SW interface.

KFI’s Custom Design Process

Companies that design their own printer module with KFI use Evaluation Kits to kickstart software development. In parallel, KFI mechanical engineers co-develop mechanical designs and produce the first custom SLA prototype.

See how outsourcing your custom printer cuts development costs, production testing and inventory costs: fully tested printer assemblies, of the highest quality, to your own design.


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