NAUT Journal Printer

The NAUT Journal Printer is perfect for long term record keeping. In many unattended kiosk applications an internal printer records all transactions on a roll of paper for long term storage. This type of printer, commonly called a journal printer, or data logger, must spool the paper, once printed. The printed roll can then be retrieved by authorized personnel and is then archived, sometimes for many years. All KFI thermal printers are highly reliable. Consequently, this specially designed printer module is perfect for long term data storage.

This KFI custom built journal printer differs from the standard journal concept because our customer needed the printing device to present the printed data to the user before spooling it. KFI built a panel window into the device for this purpose. Presenting the printout was important in order that the user might validate or take action on the data presented. If your business needs long term data storage the NAUT Journal Printer might be perfect for you.

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